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Well, the time is upon me... I'm heading out of town on an actual vacation. I'm taking a cruise in the Caribbean! I think this'll be a ton of fun but I'll be completely out of touch. No interwebs, no wifi, no cell phone... eeek!! That first time my berry sync's when I get back onto land is going to be just NAAAAAAAAASTY!! I'm actually kinda curious how long it'll take. Ok, well there is wifi on the boat but it costs like $35/hr? Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I still plan to keep my Project 365 going, I'll just have to post pix for each day when I return and just back date them all to the appropriate day. I think this is the longest vacay I've ever taken since college. I do a lot of weekend trips, but nothing like this. So, yeah I'm excited to check it out and get away from the cold for a bit.


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At Thu Jan 14, 07:49:00 PM EST, Blogger Me said...

No scuba diving at Grand Cayman!!!!


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