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My cruise in 250 words or less

Well, lemmie tell ya about the SS Minnow... our ship broke down in the middle of the ocean. We never made it to Jamaica or the Cayman islands. As you might imagine, the people getting married in Jamaica were not amused. I did win $130 in craps at the casino on the boat, got 2nd place in a dance contest, ran up some huuuuge free tabs, and met a ton of cool folks. I kept a journal of the entire week, buuut I’ll probably keep that for myself.

A fun tid bit from the cruise... we (as a group) didn't get on the boat till 3pm Saturday. Sunday morning the Carnival staff had a meeting about our group. 2,000+ guests on the ship, they had a meeting about us... as it turns out, the first night we tossed back 1,200 rounds. (Not $1,200 worth of drinks, 1,200 rounds!! At boat prices that was approx $9k in drinks.) And by 11am, we were already 200 rounds in for the day.

From the travel agent:

As expected, Carnival has now banned hashers from the open bar program. They said it was due to the many hash behavior issues, but I also have to wonder if the number of drinks consumed may have been a factor. I never was able to get a final count, but that's what you get when you cancel our islands stops and give us extra drinking days at sea.

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At Fri Jan 29, 08:32:00 AM EST, Blogger Mr. X said...

Last time I went on a cruise with hashers, they didn't have an open bar program. They did have a two hour open bar for the ending circle of the on-ship trail, but I can see how an open bar for a whole cruise would bankrupt them.


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