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Snow Day 2.0


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I look and feel like arse today. You know, the stories are true... as you get older, you really do need more sleep to function. Bleh. Thank god for the weekend so I can sleep in!


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Ok, who burns off a piece of your tatoo? I mean honestly... The line is just gone! Ouch. Well, the doc said they'll pay for me to have it redone so that's nice. Might be able to touch up the color a little too.


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First WNDC

Good times @ the local bar with some WNDC regulars!


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Another Day

For the record, I'm not scowling in these pix. I'm focused on getting a decent self pic with my berry.


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My cruise in 250 words or less

Well, lemmie tell ya about the SS Minnow... our ship broke down in the middle of the ocean. We never made it to Jamaica or the Cayman islands. As you might imagine, the people getting married in Jamaica were not amused. I did win $130 in craps at the casino on the boat, got 2nd place in a dance contest, ran up some huuuuge free tabs, and met a ton of cool folks. I kept a journal of the entire week, buuut I’ll probably keep that for myself.

A fun tid bit from the cruise... we (as a group) didn't get on the boat till 3pm Saturday. Sunday morning the Carnival staff had a meeting about our group. 2,000+ guests on the ship, they had a meeting about us... as it turns out, the first night we tossed back 1,200 rounds. (Not $1,200 worth of drinks, 1,200 rounds!! At boat prices that was approx $9k in drinks.) And by 11am, we were already 200 rounds in for the day.

From the travel agent:

As expected, Carnival has now banned hashers from the open bar program. They said it was due to the many hash behavior issues, but I also have to wonder if the number of drinks consumed may have been a factor. I never was able to get a final count, but that's what you get when you cancel our islands stops and give us extra drinking days at sea.

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Back from vacay and gettin in the swing of things in the corporate world.


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My Egg Ritual

I know you have one... We all do. I'll even list mine for you, ready?
    My Egg Ritual
  1. Order Steak & Eggs, Sunny Side up w/ a side of toast
  2. Enjoy your steak or steak tips
  3. Eat only the egg whites, do not puncture the yolks
  4. Apply ketchup and Tabasco sauce to your hash browns and enjoy them
  5. Cut the egg yolk into four pieces making an X across the center
  6. Eat only the solid portion of the yolk in however many bites you see fit
  7. Sop up the remaining mix of yolk, steak, ketchup, Tabasco, and all the flavors of your meal with your toast
  8. Sit back and enjoy the fact that you have completed my egg ritual!


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Millah Time!


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Greekin' Out

Instead of geekin out... get it? Ha! I'm soooo funny.


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Man, I'm lookin rough here. Just off the boat and trying to get a little breakfast at the airport before hopping a plane. Well... lookin a little better then the guy behind me photo bombin my shot, buuut whatev's. This is the unshaven look of a guy who has just spent 5 days partying with an open bar and 85 lushes!


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Last day @ Sea

That's me and James the bartender. I think he's gotten to know us pretty well over the past few days of camping @ his bar.


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Look at all that wedding mess behind me... What a commotion, but it deff ended up being a nice event despite us never making it to the correct island, or even country for that matter.

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Right now, I'm my 4th leg of travel?? Hell I dunno... one car, 2 planes, and now a bus? I'm sure this trip will be great, but right now I'm irritable and just want to be there already. Southwest and Carnival both need to stop doing things for "my convenience" b/c they really aren't. In fact, checking my carry on is quite annoying as is an all expenses included cruise where they keep charging sh!t to your card. Ugh, ok maybe I'm just cranky/grumpy whatever. I guess I'm ready to start having fun and not travels. Flying has become exponentially more annoying. Thank you TSA and fcuk you terrorists. "Two by two, hands of blue..." Its eerie how TSA tends to remind me of that little item from Serenity.


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Calm b4 the storm

Having a quiet night in before I get on a mutha fcukin boat tomorrow.


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Drive Time


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Well, the time is upon me... I'm heading out of town on an actual vacation. I'm taking a cruise in the Caribbean! I think this'll be a ton of fun but I'll be completely out of touch. No interwebs, no wifi, no cell phone... eeek!! That first time my berry sync's when I get back onto land is going to be just NAAAAAAAAASTY!! I'm actually kinda curious how long it'll take. Ok, well there is wifi on the boat but it costs like $35/hr? Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I still plan to keep my Project 365 going, I'll just have to post pix for each day when I return and just back date them all to the appropriate day. I think this is the longest vacay I've ever taken since college. I do a lot of weekend trips, but nothing like this. So, yeah I'm excited to check it out and get away from the cold for a bit.


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Happy WNDC nite

Celebrating my B-day with the good folks of WNDC. I think it ended a little sooner then it shoulda, buuuuut that's probably for the best in order to get to work in the morning! You really know it's your local bar when they let you play a playlist off of your iPod for your birthday.


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Happy Birthday to me!

Just got home from a nice meal at Ruth's Chris w/ M. Well, the meal was actually sub par especially for Ruth's Chris, but the company was great!!


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B-Day Eve

You gotta love the xmas lucky bamboo!! Shirt by Armani Exchange


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Jersey Shore Party

This past weekend was the Jersey shore themed party at a friends place. This show is sweeping the nation and people can't seem to get enough of it!! There were tons of hair poofs sticking up all around, big glasses, the guys were rocking all the shiny T shirts they could get their hands on. Me? I came from another happy hour but as luck would have it, my look fits in wherever. Maybe I'm a closet guido and didn't know it? Shirt by American Rag, facial expression brought to you by DB's every where.


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Yup, I'm using my flat screen as a spare monitor while I work from home. Working from home on a Saturday? Blaaaaah. But on the bright side, now I won't have to burn as much leave when I head outta town later this week.


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Out in Dupont

@ Bungalow Billiards in the city tonight. Outfit by Express.


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I don't like to post negative posts, but tonight I'm just exhausted, annoyed, frustrated, you name it. I'm sure it'll pass, but for now I'm annoyed with the way the give-a-ways turned out and my effing dry cleaners. Ugh. I know, silly things to be annoyed with, but today they bug me. Today's pic is just me after the gym at my mom's place. Shirt is old as hell by Abercrombie.


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Happy B-Day Jess!

Jess' birthday party @ Murphy's. Shirt by Donna Karen.


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Project 365

What is Project 365 all about?

People will often say that their whole lives flashed before their eyes after they experienced a traumatic event. Perhaps it’s a bit morbid, but we think that sounds pretty incredible. When Taylor McKnight started taking a photo a day on January 1st, 2004, he never imagined the project would not only serve as a way to remember a year, but also help him understand what was important to him in his life. Whether it was his relationships, his career, or his fashion sense, recording a photo a day for a whole year left him with a rich visual history of his life. And it made him a better photographer to boot! - *Photojojo!* Newsletter

Click here for more info on Project 365

Well, let's give this a shot (ok, so I'm starting on the 5th... eat me! Project 360 then!). Ideally, as I continue this task my face will thin up a bit from a new work out/diet plan I'm working on. No, not an new years resolution. I just stepped on a scale and its not lookin good, so time to fix it. I mean, what did I really expect? I haven't been able to get into the swing of the gym at all since my motorcycle accident almost 6 months ago and have instead replaced it with a steady stream of partying... Of course I'm gonna find all the weight I lost and then some.

Here we go... Day 1. No gel in the hair today, it's just bloody cold out so I gotta rock the winter hat instead. This is just a random shot of me cheesin' in front of some flags near my office. Black suit (shocker!), black shirt, and purple striped tie by Express.


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Airport Mania

A few weeks ago, I was toolin around the internets and ran across this little game on yahoo games. The premise is that you are an air traffic controller and you have to land/repair/refuel/unload/etc planes on an airstrip. To some it might sound a little droll, but the cartoon animation of these little planes and the ridiculously cute voices makes it really fun and more then a little addictive!! You can play for free at the links listed below or you can buy it for only $6.99 from the manufacturer. Don't let Yahoo bully you into buying it for $20!! I'm freaking hooked and it really is a lot of fun!

Play For Free @

Buy for $6.99 using Pay Pal @


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I don't recall how I stumbled onto this blog, but I really enjoy it. I like the assorted authors that post stuff that just completely drives them nuts. Some of them are one liners, but for the most part these are well written rants about stuff that just drives people nuts.

Dealbreaker: You are that Skeezy guy at a private party

What's your plan? You and your creepy looking friend show up under dressed and pay $30 each for cover (which gets you nothing), buy a couple $7 beers and then sit by the ladies room just waiting for a girl to be trashed enough to take pity and talk to you? Or perhaps you then decide to divide and conquer! One sits by the women's room on the stake out while the other makes a round skeezing out groups of girls and not taking hints that they are not interested in you. Hints = "Get the fcuk away from us" I'm really not sure how to be more direct then that. Is your game soooo strong that you think you can over come your own creepy? Good luck with that playa. You can thank that disgusted look on her face as she sees you since she now has to swallow after she threw up in her mouth a little. Personally, I would pop some popcorn and sit back to watch you get you’re a$$ beat by the bouncers at any club on any day. Thanks for skeezing people out all over the world you dirty piece of trash.


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