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Is this what going mad feels like? Last night, I woke up at 4am. Not sleepy stumble wake up, but wiiiiiiiide awake. And started freaking out about my toe nails and weight? WTF?? Well, let's do some basic checks… Cognitive reasoning - Check! Grasp on reality - Check! Basic logic - Check! Well, I guess I'm not crazy but that 4 am thing sure was odd. This better not be the start of a new pattern. I'm not having that.


posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 1:15 PM,


At Thu Dec 10, 03:08:00 PM EST, Blogger Me said...

Toe nails? Got a little runner toe nail do ya?!

At Fri Jan 01, 02:23:00 PM EST, Blogger Tami said...

Sounds like you're starting menopause!


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