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When did $10 become the new $5?? I know, I know, inflation and the like. But here we are in almost 2010 and it's difficult to get a quick lunch for $5 anymore unless you wanna get a Big Mac combo (currently $4 on special) or a Wendy's Double combo (special for $2.99) or hit the 7-11 for a hot dog and a soda. Clearly the corporations are doing some cheapie food, (KFC's 2 piece meal $3.95) but even the Chinese place lunch specials are creeping up to $8.95 and that's with out a soda. $5 is currently what it costs for a quick breakfast if you don't grab something at home. The economy is currently pulling everyone in every which direction and people are deff cutting back in everything, including going out to lunch. I wonder if this is going to be a skimpy consumer Christmas for the country??


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