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I've been with a lot of carriers, all of them in fact. And have finally come to the conclusion that they all suck. Just pick one and stick with them has been my motto. This week, I'm on a Verizon air card (sucks!!) and my blackberry is starting to look very very rough. No problem, I've given AT&T a ton of business over the years I bet my upgrade rate is reasonable.

These two carriers clearly have their fans and their enemies, you can't deal with this many people and everyone like you. First off Verizon. I've hated you for years and years and years mostly b/c you lock out your phones and force everyone into your red/black themed interface bull sh!t. You are the god damned Toyota Camry of the wireless world!! Your air card service is also crap. The connection is slow for all your BS talk of fastest network and periodically, your network just goes dormant on my connection b/c I guess it's just bored. Wow. Awesome. If I actually paid for your service, I'd drop you like a bad habit.

AT&T, I know you have to attract new customers and that's fine. But why the hell should my upgrade rates be sooooo much higher then intro rates? Isn't good customer service keeping existing customers happy and then that in turn attracts new ones? Don't get me wrong, I don't expect anything for free but I also think it's complete BS that I have to pay an extra $100 to upgrade to the same phone over a new customer. I've been paying you for 4 (or 5) phone lines for how many years now?!?! Also, if you are gonna sell a refurbished phone, sell the fcuking refurbished phone. Don't try to mask your new customer discount as a refurbished discount since it's clearly not available to anyone else.

Am I ready to switch to another carrier? I dunno. That kind of violates my belief that they all suck. But in the mean time, you can both go fcuk yourselves. Sprint? T-Mobile? How are things?


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