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Social Media

In my always on the go lifestyle, with blackberry in hand I'm always up to something. Not in a bad way, it's just that a life always out and always networking means you are always up to some event, or planning meeting, or your next engagement. Personally, I enjoy it. I like to keep busy, that's what I do. The side effect of all this is that on my free moments, I'm noticing that I'm blogging less. I still have a desire to write, but my office is using a ton of that with actual work. What? What has filled this void? Mobile social media in the form of Twitter or Facebook. I can update on the go. Is it as in depth? Oh hell no. If all I got was 140 char's to blog on, I think this post would have stopped a hot minute ago and made no sense. As with everything else, I'm looking for balance. And this is no different. I need balance b/t all my social outlets. The list serves, the FB accounts, the Twitter feeds all of which my new berry is streaming amazingly!! But still, it doesn't take the place of this blog. I'm not going to look at my FB feed next year wondering what was on my mind today... well, I might but that's not the point. FB Posts/Tweets are good for the moment. Typing over here is good for a little more then instant thoughts. I tend to like to sum up my thoughts, thank you JD from Scrubs, at the end of my emails... but not today! Just a random splattering of thoughts. Just for me/you!


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