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There's nothing quite so fun as getting sick on work travel (did I use the sarcasm font?). Why is this a problem? Well, in my office you don't exactly get to call out sick normally and at home. Try it on travel (unless you are one of my co-workers... grrrr) and you are probably out of a job. Well, the 30+ degree temperature drop combined with the nasty nasty rain/winds coming in off the water are taking their toll on my immune system. Hell, it was raining sideways!! WTF? My pants were soaked thru and all I did was walk 3 blocks to my hotel. I will tell you this tho, my Northface has been tested Cleveland tough and passed! But I digress. In the evening, I need to self medicate off the small amount of things that I have with me. So, a little ginger ale (not pictured) to settle the tummy, a little ibuprofen (also not pictured) to help with the aches and pains, and a quadruple shot of crown to help it all come together. I think this'll be the ticket and I'll feel better in no time. B/c seriously, not making it to the office on travel is NOT an option.


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