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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


These past few weeks, I feel like I've been on the go non stop... again!! Perhaps it's the fact that we are coming into the holiday's and there are a ton of get together's? Possibly. But I think it's the combination of work picking up, the social calendar staying packed and dating someone new. It always takes a little while for that last item to settle into your regular life rather then being its own thing. Not saying it's bad, b/c it's not not. I'm really enjoying it in fact. I also need to devote some time to the gym and getting into shape in the midst of all of this. I hate that I keep putting it off. Ok, I'll start then. or Ok, after this event. Grrr (to me) there is always something! I'm really enjoying everything going on right now, and just haven't found much time for some of the maintenance that I need to do on my life. Sure, I'm still keeping track of finances and getting to my laundry/dry cleaning (eventually) but I can feel that I'm just spreading myself a little thin. I think next week life will slow down a little and It'll be business as usual. This week... I'll just have to freak out a little to get thru it. Gotta do it like a duck! On the surface, everything is cool and calm. Under the water, those feet are going a mile a minute to fight the current.


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