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Due to my recent work travel and a partial effort to appear more professional, I've invested in some fancier luggage to travel. I picked up the usual non-descript black luggage that EVERYONE else has on the plane. Ha. A large garment bag and a freakin huge laptop/carry on bag. The latter is great for folks who travel with two laptops, me, and don't wanna have their office PC breaking their back b/c it weighs an arm and a leg!! Having spent some time wheeling this thing around, I just don't think I'm ready to become those people that tote wheelie bags to work. As soon as I'm back in DC, it's back to my back pack for me. I just think that's more me and waaaay more comfortable. I like this bag, I really do. But it's more suited to travel and less to every day totin around.

Every time I look at my bags and notice that I just picked up matched luggage, I can see the space balls scene in my head "What the hell is all that?""It's her royal highnesses matched luggage!"


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