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Logic Fail

I don't understand my own logic here, but this is essentially what I'm doing. Since I'm not going to use city names, this might be a little tricky so follow along, k? Earlier this week, I park my vehicle at location A. From location A, I took a direct flight to location B. Today, it's time to head back (a day early thank you very much!) and I'm leaving location B by plane. So far pretty simple. Well, my flight goes from A to B. B, where my vehicle is parked. Instead, location B is just going to be a lay over as I take a flight to location C. From location C, I will then rent a car and drive back to location B in order to pick up my vehicle. Doesn't that seem a little like going around your a$$ to get to your elbow? There must be something great at location C for this plan to be worth while. I'm not complaining and I think it'll be a great extra little mini trip, but the concept is a little funny to me. If there were a direct flight from A to C, and then rent a car to travel from C to B, I wouldn't even notice. It's just that lay over at location B that makes this amusing IMHO.


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