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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


These past few weeks, I feel like I've been on the go non stop... again!! Perhaps it's the fact that we are coming into the holiday's and there are a ton of get together's? Possibly. But I think it's the combination of work picking up, the social calendar staying packed and dating someone new. It always takes a little while for that last item to settle into your regular life rather then being its own thing. Not saying it's bad, b/c it's not not. I'm really enjoying it in fact. I also need to devote some time to the gym and getting into shape in the midst of all of this. I hate that I keep putting it off. Ok, I'll start then. or Ok, after this event. Grrr (to me) there is always something! I'm really enjoying everything going on right now, and just haven't found much time for some of the maintenance that I need to do on my life. Sure, I'm still keeping track of finances and getting to my laundry/dry cleaning (eventually) but I can feel that I'm just spreading myself a little thin. I think next week life will slow down a little and It'll be business as usual. This week... I'll just have to freak out a little to get thru it. Gotta do it like a duck! On the surface, everything is cool and calm. Under the water, those feet are going a mile a minute to fight the current.


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Social Media

In my always on the go lifestyle, with blackberry in hand I'm always up to something. Not in a bad way, it's just that a life always out and always networking means you are always up to some event, or planning meeting, or your next engagement. Personally, I enjoy it. I like to keep busy, that's what I do. The side effect of all this is that on my free moments, I'm noticing that I'm blogging less. I still have a desire to write, but my office is using a ton of that with actual work. What? What has filled this void? Mobile social media in the form of Twitter or Facebook. I can update on the go. Is it as in depth? Oh hell no. If all I got was 140 char's to blog on, I think this post would have stopped a hot minute ago and made no sense. As with everything else, I'm looking for balance. And this is no different. I need balance b/t all my social outlets. The list serves, the FB accounts, the Twitter feeds all of which my new berry is streaming amazingly!! But still, it doesn't take the place of this blog. I'm not going to look at my FB feed next year wondering what was on my mind today... well, I might but that's not the point. FB Posts/Tweets are good for the moment. Typing over here is good for a little more then instant thoughts. I tend to like to sum up my thoughts, thank you JD from Scrubs, at the end of my emails... but not today! Just a random splattering of thoughts. Just for me/you!


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Upgrade Time

Is it obvious yet that I'm a gadget freak?? Well it should be. I just upgraded my berry to the new Curve 8900 and I freaking love it!! For those of you keeping count at home, that's berry number 5 I think for this year. Yikes!! At any rate, this thing is great. It has 4x the memory for processing and storage. I'm actually able to use all the features on it w/o it locking up and more. The Curve 8310 was a great phone, but I just run too many apps and use my berry more then the phone can keep up with. If you need a basic berry, that thing kicks serious a$$. Great battery life, great functionality, etc. But if you need a little more processing power and memory, you gotta upgrade.


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Logic Fail Rebuttle

Well, I followed thru with the plan I made Saturday. Here's a link in case you missed it. Click me!! Travel time down 8.5 hours, travel time back 7.5 hours. Total = 15 hours.

The verdict? Totally worth it!


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Logic Fail

I don't understand my own logic here, but this is essentially what I'm doing. Since I'm not going to use city names, this might be a little tricky so follow along, k? Earlier this week, I park my vehicle at location A. From location A, I took a direct flight to location B. Today, it's time to head back (a day early thank you very much!) and I'm leaving location B by plane. So far pretty simple. Well, my flight goes from A to B. B, where my vehicle is parked. Instead, location B is just going to be a lay over as I take a flight to location C. From location C, I will then rent a car and drive back to location B in order to pick up my vehicle. Doesn't that seem a little like going around your a$$ to get to your elbow? There must be something great at location C for this plan to be worth while. I'm not complaining and I think it'll be a great extra little mini trip, but the concept is a little funny to me. If there were a direct flight from A to C, and then rent a car to travel from C to B, I wouldn't even notice. It's just that lay over at location B that makes this amusing IMHO.


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Due to my recent work travel and a partial effort to appear more professional, I've invested in some fancier luggage to travel. I picked up the usual non-descript black luggage that EVERYONE else has on the plane. Ha. A large garment bag and a freakin huge laptop/carry on bag. The latter is great for folks who travel with two laptops, me, and don't wanna have their office PC breaking their back b/c it weighs an arm and a leg!! Having spent some time wheeling this thing around, I just don't think I'm ready to become those people that tote wheelie bags to work. As soon as I'm back in DC, it's back to my back pack for me. I just think that's more me and waaaay more comfortable. I like this bag, I really do. But it's more suited to travel and less to every day totin around.

Every time I look at my bags and notice that I just picked up matched luggage, I can see the space balls scene in my head "What the hell is all that?""It's her royal highnesses matched luggage!"


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There's nothing quite so fun as getting sick on work travel (did I use the sarcasm font?). Why is this a problem? Well, in my office you don't exactly get to call out sick normally and at home. Try it on travel (unless you are one of my co-workers... grrrr) and you are probably out of a job. Well, the 30+ degree temperature drop combined with the nasty nasty rain/winds coming in off the water are taking their toll on my immune system. Hell, it was raining sideways!! WTF? My pants were soaked thru and all I did was walk 3 blocks to my hotel. I will tell you this tho, my Northface has been tested Cleveland tough and passed! But I digress. In the evening, I need to self medicate off the small amount of things that I have with me. So, a little ginger ale (not pictured) to settle the tummy, a little ibuprofen (also not pictured) to help with the aches and pains, and a quadruple shot of crown to help it all come together. I think this'll be the ticket and I'll feel better in no time. B/c seriously, not making it to the office on travel is NOT an option.


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I've been with a lot of carriers, all of them in fact. And have finally come to the conclusion that they all suck. Just pick one and stick with them has been my motto. This week, I'm on a Verizon air card (sucks!!) and my blackberry is starting to look very very rough. No problem, I've given AT&T a ton of business over the years I bet my upgrade rate is reasonable.

These two carriers clearly have their fans and their enemies, you can't deal with this many people and everyone like you. First off Verizon. I've hated you for years and years and years mostly b/c you lock out your phones and force everyone into your red/black themed interface bull sh!t. You are the god damned Toyota Camry of the wireless world!! Your air card service is also crap. The connection is slow for all your BS talk of fastest network and periodically, your network just goes dormant on my connection b/c I guess it's just bored. Wow. Awesome. If I actually paid for your service, I'd drop you like a bad habit.

AT&T, I know you have to attract new customers and that's fine. But why the hell should my upgrade rates be sooooo much higher then intro rates? Isn't good customer service keeping existing customers happy and then that in turn attracts new ones? Don't get me wrong, I don't expect anything for free but I also think it's complete BS that I have to pay an extra $100 to upgrade to the same phone over a new customer. I've been paying you for 4 (or 5) phone lines for how many years now?!?! Also, if you are gonna sell a refurbished phone, sell the fcuking refurbished phone. Don't try to mask your new customer discount as a refurbished discount since it's clearly not available to anyone else.

Am I ready to switch to another carrier? I dunno. That kind of violates my belief that they all suck. But in the mean time, you can both go fcuk yourselves. Sprint? T-Mobile? How are things?


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Cleveland @ Night

You know, you get a bum wrap Cleveland. Maybe it's not like this every night, but tonight was lovely. Sure its a little cold out, but I'm walking down well lit and very clean streets. There's some street musicians playing the guitar or the trumpet. Wanna see a show at the House of Blues? No problem. How about a pro basketball game... We've got you covered! Nice new bars all over the place with great specials. I'm eatin some wings and tossin back a big beer right now. And the best part?? Not one person has asked me for some change for the damn bus! Oh yeah, the mass transit system is well lit too and running abundantly. Not too shabby tonight Cleveland, keep it up.


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I once again find myself in Cleveland, and the more I go the less funny I find these video's. I actually feel sad for this area. I mean the mass transit is in place, they have tons and tons of office space for commercial items and the city itself is working really hard to turn things around. I know they are currently working b/c I've been listening to a fcuking jack hammer out side my building for the past 3+ hours, but I digress. Good luck Cleveland. I hope you guys can do something with all this space! If not, hell the house for the price of a VCR sounds kinda nice!


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