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Turn off the world

Last night I had the privilege of catching up with an old old friend of mine. In fact, I think she's known me longer then just about anyone else I keep in touch with. True, we lost touch for a few years, but I'm glad she found me and we have been able to spend this time together. Rather then going to do some fancy DC stuff, we just kicked it at a local bar. We snacked, we laughed, we drank, we told stories of sorrow and of good times... all in all, it was a great evening. Why is this evening special or so much different from every other night out of good stories and good laughs? Well, b/c we started out the night with both of us turning our phones off. She didn't ask me to, it's just that honestly there was no where else I would have rather been and no one else I wanted to hear from. If you've met me, you'll know how truly rare that really is.


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