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Auto Service

I have no idea why this entry didn't post back in October, but I just found this draft and figure I better post it before it gets lost in the jumble. This is actually an entry from 10.26.09 back dated to look it on the blog.

This weekend I went to help a buddy of mine finish up a transaction for a new (to him) car. He picked up a 3 Series, all wheel drive BMW and it is freakin sweet!! The deal was excellent and he really appreciated my help. As I sat in the F&I office working a deal and knowing every trick the F&I guy was throwing out right when he did, I thought back on all the times I've been in this position. I've bought, sold, or brokered a deal for people I know how many times now? And each time is the same situation at the very end of the transaction. "Thank you! You made this a very easy transaction for me" or something along those lines.

Well... why not make a business out of this? I'm constantly researching the market and market trends. I read reviews and am up to what's going on. I work in F&I so I know how to crunch numbers, why not do something with the insane amount of car knowledge I have in my head? So, with an idea and the belief, I've purchased a domain and a host. I'm currently building a website for my consulting business. I've analyzed a need, and I'm the right person to fill it. Worst case scenario, I've spent a little money on web space and wasted some of my own time.

Best case scenario? goes global with an office in every major city helping broker deals for 100's of people around the world every day. Last week, this was barely a thought. This week, I have a domain, a mission, a web host, and ideas on paper. Next week? Next Year? We'll see. Baby steps, but it's a start.


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