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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Turn off the world

Last night I had the privilege of catching up with an old old friend of mine. In fact, I think she's known me longer then just about anyone else I keep in touch with. True, we lost touch for a few years, but I'm glad she found me and we have been able to spend this time together. Rather then going to do some fancy DC stuff, we just kicked it at a local bar. We snacked, we laughed, we drank, we told stories of sorrow and of good times... all in all, it was a great evening. Why is this evening special or so much different from every other night out of good stories and good laughs? Well, b/c we started out the night with both of us turning our phones off. She didn't ask me to, it's just that honestly there was no where else I would have rather been and no one else I wanted to hear from. If you've met me, you'll know how truly rare that really is.


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Auto Service

I have no idea why this entry didn't post back in October, but I just found this draft and figure I better post it before it gets lost in the jumble. This is actually an entry from 10.26.09 back dated to look it on the blog.

This weekend I went to help a buddy of mine finish up a transaction for a new (to him) car. He picked up a 3 Series, all wheel drive BMW and it is freakin sweet!! The deal was excellent and he really appreciated my help. As I sat in the F&I office working a deal and knowing every trick the F&I guy was throwing out right when he did, I thought back on all the times I've been in this position. I've bought, sold, or brokered a deal for people I know how many times now? And each time is the same situation at the very end of the transaction. "Thank you! You made this a very easy transaction for me" or something along those lines.

Well... why not make a business out of this? I'm constantly researching the market and market trends. I read reviews and am up to what's going on. I work in F&I so I know how to crunch numbers, why not do something with the insane amount of car knowledge I have in my head? So, with an idea and the belief, I've purchased a domain and a host. I'm currently building a website for my consulting business. I've analyzed a need, and I'm the right person to fill it. Worst case scenario, I've spent a little money on web space and wasted some of my own time.

Best case scenario? goes global with an office in every major city helping broker deals for 100's of people around the world every day. Last week, this was barely a thought. This week, I have a domain, a mission, a web host, and ideas on paper. Next week? Next Year? We'll see. Baby steps, but it's a start.


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Holy hell, this is just ridiculous. I wonder if anyone is actually gonna eat one of these? Mmmmm... Excessive!


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This week has been a heavy week when it comes to social life. In my never ending discussion/search for balance in my life, I've deff tipped the scales to social. How can you tell? Well, you can watch my budget going straight to hell for party expenses or my lack of sleep or my absence in the gym. One interesting byproduct of the party life style, if you have a messy roommate, is that the upkeep of the house doesn't go on. In this case, it's the dishes. Maybe I'm a nit picky neat freak, but if I never eat at home why are there always dirty dishes??


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Every time I hear people using the term "A case of the Monday's" in real life it takes me back to Office Space and the first time I watched it. I thought, holy crap, life can't really be like that. Can it?? At the time, I clearly had not experienced office life. Nor did I ever hate Monday's like I do now. It's not so much that the day itself sucks, it's that in the serving world all the days blend together. You kind of start forgetting what day of the week it is and you sort of stop caring. Not b/c life is bad by any means, but the days of the week really don't matter when you work 7 days a week and holiday's. The catch is, you really don't mind either. Or maybe I really don't mind. Is that even really a catch? I see my roomie now working/sleeping crazy hours while I work the 9-5 grind. Is one better or worse? I think they are different and they deff. both have their pro's/cons. Maybe this is just one of those grass is greener sort of thoughts? Or maybe the fact that "A case of the Monday's" exists is a little ridiculous to me.


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Hey there blog, what's up? It is just soooo muggy, gray, gross, whatever you wanna call it out there. Feels like one of those stay in the house and do nuuuuuthin kinda nights. Ya know? Maybe get my video games on or catch up on some old shows that I haven't seen in years. You know what would be fun? Cooking a nice gourmet meal for some folks like I used to years ago. Way before your time blog, some friends and I used to have last supper a couple nights a week. I was working in a kitchen full time so to cook for only 10 at home was nooooothin. They'd all chip in for foods and someone else cleaned. Really, a great deal for everyone. I think that would be one of the great pro's for living in a group home. Last supper! Deff, good times.


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Look Mr. Ray, I don't know who you are or how you've managed to become a culinary god in DC, but good on ya. Today, I'm heading back to Ray's Hell Burger for another one of your delicious creations. Is it the burger patty the size of my head? The gourmet toppings? The semi snooty barrista-esque attitude of your staff that takes my money? I don't know, but I'm ready and excited. It's almost a ritual that I have to prepare. You can't eat a heavy dinner the night before. Barely any breakfast followed by an early, light lunch. Snacking? Oh that's a no no!! You must be ready for the awesomeness that is Rays! In fact, this ritual has becomeā€¦ I won't say common place but very much accepted and understood. Asking someone about weird eating patterns is generally a little touchy, but if they respond "Oh, I'm going to Ray's tonight!" Everything is understood.


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What is love?

Not sure what your opinion is, but those are some of my thoughts on the matter.


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RDR Week, Take 5!

Wow, how many DC Red Dress weekends have I been through?? Well, here we go for one more time! So far, the week has been busy with the activities leading up to it, but now the main event looms over us with impending awesomeness!!


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Random Thoughts

I'm not sure how this topic started, but we (in our insanely nerdy and inebriated selves selves) got to talking about strip rock band last night. Clearly, we just meld everything together that we do. Games + Booze + Nakedness! I gave some thought to how the evening would go, and I made a chart. Yeah, I'm cool like that!!

I think this drinking game can be better illustrated by the graph above. Drunkeness is a steady incline as the night goes on, but if you'll look, after you are 30% drunk, I predict your enjoyment of the game to decrease steadily as you continue fcuking up the notes. Then, peak back up a bit when nakedness starts to decrease to bring it home for a strong drunken/naked finish.


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