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Two Birthdays & a Memorial

That title always seems to make me think of 4 weddings and a funeral, well I guess it is sort of related. 2 happy occasions and one that saddens us. The memorial service was very nice with about a dozen people saying many great things about him. He left us too soon, he was all of 33? Sad indeed. The last article I found still had the cause of death as undetermined. The best I can understand is that he fell off of a short wall in a park and hit his head just perfectly wrong. By the time he was found, it was too late for them to do anything. I find occasions like this make me take a step back and think about life. And I think it should. After the service, a couple of us had one last toast in the parking lot behind the venue. I wasn't very close to this guy, but regardless it's sad to see this happen.

Let's shift gears a bit and bring it to the lighter side with the birthdays of the weekend. Saturday night and Friday night were both birthday celebrations spent at bars and house parties b/c well, let's face it… it's what we do. Friday's birthday up in Cleveland park was quite the commute. A small crowd but a good crowd. Many rounds for the birthday boy. I was having a great time and was smart enough to go dip out to the star case once the shots of tequila started flowing entirely too freely for everyone. No thanks, I'd like not to pray to the porcelain god tonight! Prob the best move I could have made. Since I was allllllll the way out on the red line, my friend was kind enough to offer me a couch to crash on. Thank you thank you thank you!! Rising at the crack of 10 or so, it's time to make my way back. But, I can't pass up swinging by zBurger on my way to the train. That's one DELISH! Burger. I'll admit, it's no Ray's hell burgers, but it sure does beat the crap outta 5 guys.

Saturday evening I went to another birthday celebration. Starting out as a house party that then migrated to the bar. I ended up rolling with my old crew from days of yore that evening, complete with some fire escape shenanigans, salami pizza, and a sh!tty movie. Ha! I have missed those days. Deff, a great night.

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