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The Sobriety Post

I've been kind of dodging writing this, but I really want to document what's been going on. For about two months, starting Sunday after the camping trip, I went on a huge sobriety bender. Well, huge for me. Pretty much the biggest one I've ever been on since I started college. 2 months of nothin. Why? I just woke up and had completely lost my taste for it. Strange that a long camping partying weekend can do that to you. Or perhaps this had been in the works for a while now?

I really don't know. What I do know is that I saved a ton of money not picking up bar tabs for everyone, and even managed to lose some weight. About 10 lbs over 8 weeks. That's around 1.2 lbs/week and well with in the realm of sustainable weight loss. Woot!! I got comments from a few people about how much weight I'd lost and while I'm thrilled to hear that, I'm disappointed how much I'd gained that this looks significant. There really are a ton of pro's to this sobriety thing, esp. the healthy wallet and reduced belly. But, much like everything else, I think this is something that's good in moderation.

So, after time off, I'm back. But not nearly as hard as I was. I think this was an excellent exercise for me to be a little more comfortable in my own skin in different situations. Don't get me wrong, there are times and places to have a couple and others to get sloshed. But, all in moderation.


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