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So there I was hangin out in a bar with a couple of folks the other night chatting the night away. Why is this any different then a usual story? The strange part was, we were all in the process of a detox/cutting back/sobriety bender. The irony of meeting at a bar while we are all detoxing is not lost on me by any means. There I sit, sipping my diet coke. And by sipping I clearly mean pounding them! We leaned back and discussed how much cheaper our tabs have been and what we've been doing with the extra cash. Some have been paying off bills, others buying new toys, some going on trips, you get the idea.

The by product that came up in discussion is that we have all been hooking up a good deal less despite being in better shape physically, emotionally, and financially. This discussion didn't have the pathetic under tone of a loser whining about how long it's been since they've been laid, but rather a feeling of pride. Pride in the decisions we are all making. Pride in being a prude? I guess so. It was very interesting being a part of this conversation with a group of people that (We won't call them sluts. Yes, it was a mix of male and female) have been a little more promiscuous in recent days. Very interesting indeed. Is there a point? A moral to the story? Some sort of judgement? Nope. Just found it very interesting.


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