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I've been casually talking to realtors for years now thinking, ok at some point I should probably buy something rather then living in an apt forever. Well, the other day I got an email that had a really cool property in a great location. Vague much? Yup! I don't wanna jinx it! But, I'm going to look at it on Tuesday and I think this is the first time I've been excited about going to look at a property since the housing bubble. Is it still expensive as hell? Yup. Is it big? Nope. But I think my minimalist attitude towards d├ęcor, furnishings, and clutter will work in my favor and I'll be able to make the place look bigger then it is. Thinking of possibly being an actual home owner is deff scary as hell. I'm freaked out that I'll be house poor. All I'll be doing is paying for crap in the condo and to live there, but won't have any actual money to go anywhere or do anything. On paper, it looks totally do-able. But even a best case scenario, a mortgage will double my rent. That to me is a little scary. It's a nice building with garaged parking. No, the picture above is not the building. Anyways, let's not get ahead of ourselves, but I am deff excited about this place.


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At Thu Sep 03, 01:31:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

Good luck! I don't think there's much better of an investment than property- obviously.


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