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Condo Day

Today's the day. It's time to go check the place out. I'm all across the board with thoughts on this place or transaction. What if I love it? Is this really how much I'm supposed to spend on my first property? Why has it been on the market as long as it has? I know, it's the first place I've looked at in 3-4 years, but it's still making me a little nervous. Spending that kind of money is just insanely scary. A mortgage = serious responsibility. More so then just paying your bills or rent, this is the real deal. A condo 1 block from the metro in a tall building with a view and a little patio... that's not a bad gig is it? This whole post is like a buck shot of thoughts, but that's where I'm @ with all of this. Well, let's go check it out. No pressure. If I hate it, I can just walk. What if I love it?


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