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Media Monday

There are a couple of pieces of media that always invoke memories of a time, of a moment, or of a struggle. You name a time, I promise there's a media clip that'll take you back there. It might be a song that reminds you of a great time (or a sad time)in your life. Or perhaps a movie clip of an excellent scene acted out. Whatever it might be for you, I have two clips below that bring out memories for me. Please enjoy the show.


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I broke down and picked up another toy this weekend. I have been eyeballing a flat screen NAV for months if not years at this point. My NAV is good, but the maps are out dated and $50 to make it current just seems a bit much when new devices start in the low $100's. So, finally I said screw it. I found a good deal with free shipping and now sales tax. So, I picked it up and it's on its way!!

My next toy that I'm eye balling right now, is a new mountain bike. I have a bike, but it's not in very good shape and quite honestly my butt hurts a little when riding it. No jokes! But, do I want something cheap and simple? Of course not!! I want a light weight frame, full suspension, disc brakes all around, and trigger shifters. Yum! My friend said give HTO a try and gave me directions to their outlet store. Well, it's worth a shot. Let's see if I can pick up a close out model b/c honestly I don't know that much about bikes. I just know I want those things I listed above and a decent make.

Finally, I'm batting around the idea of upgrading to a new iPod nano. I know, I know, if you've been keeping track that'll give me 5 iPods. Ridiculous I'm sure. But, with the new Nano, they finally listened to me!! I've been asking for a tuner in my iPod since day zero!! Yay! Finally! And the cool thing, you can also do song tagging while you are listening to the radio which I personally think is a really really cool feature.


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I've been trying to get into this show for years. Been told how funny it is and I can see the humor, but it never quite clicked as strong as it should. Until last night. I came home after a night out with some snacks in hand to find the newest episode on the DVR. I ate chicken and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Why was this show so much funnier then shows in days past? It was probably the same, it was I who was altered. I had had a couple of cocktails at the bar prior to watching this show. My conclusion: This show is better enjoyed under the influence. How much and what kind of influence is up to you. The show is basically a 30 minute long train wreck, but damn if I didn't enjoy the hell out of the last 2 episodes!


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Great Seats!

Last night, a buddy of mine had some tickets that he couldn't use to the Caps game. He said they were pretty good seats, but I had no idea!! These are amazing! Click on the pic to see it full screen. Yeah, that's from my seats no zoom at all. Wow!! From this distance, I could actually get into ice hockey. You know what, I think I might actually buy myself a jersey and go to a few games this season. I mean, everyone else I know falls off the deep end during hockey season so let's give this whole hockey thing a shot.


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The Sobriety Post

I've been kind of dodging writing this, but I really want to document what's been going on. For about two months, starting Sunday after the camping trip, I went on a huge sobriety bender. Well, huge for me. Pretty much the biggest one I've ever been on since I started college. 2 months of nothin. Why? I just woke up and had completely lost my taste for it. Strange that a long camping partying weekend can do that to you. Or perhaps this had been in the works for a while now?

I really don't know. What I do know is that I saved a ton of money not picking up bar tabs for everyone, and even managed to lose some weight. About 10 lbs over 8 weeks. That's around 1.2 lbs/week and well with in the realm of sustainable weight loss. Woot!! I got comments from a few people about how much weight I'd lost and while I'm thrilled to hear that, I'm disappointed how much I'd gained that this looks significant. There really are a ton of pro's to this sobriety thing, esp. the healthy wallet and reduced belly. But, much like everything else, I think this is something that's good in moderation.

So, after time off, I'm back. But not nearly as hard as I was. I think this was an excellent exercise for me to be a little more comfortable in my own skin in different situations. Don't get me wrong, there are times and places to have a couple and others to get sloshed. But, all in moderation.


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Two Birthdays & a Memorial

That title always seems to make me think of 4 weddings and a funeral, well I guess it is sort of related. 2 happy occasions and one that saddens us. The memorial service was very nice with about a dozen people saying many great things about him. He left us too soon, he was all of 33? Sad indeed. The last article I found still had the cause of death as undetermined. The best I can understand is that he fell off of a short wall in a park and hit his head just perfectly wrong. By the time he was found, it was too late for them to do anything. I find occasions like this make me take a step back and think about life. And I think it should. After the service, a couple of us had one last toast in the parking lot behind the venue. I wasn't very close to this guy, but regardless it's sad to see this happen.

Let's shift gears a bit and bring it to the lighter side with the birthdays of the weekend. Saturday night and Friday night were both birthday celebrations spent at bars and house parties b/c well, let's face it… it's what we do. Friday's birthday up in Cleveland park was quite the commute. A small crowd but a good crowd. Many rounds for the birthday boy. I was having a great time and was smart enough to go dip out to the star case once the shots of tequila started flowing entirely too freely for everyone. No thanks, I'd like not to pray to the porcelain god tonight! Prob the best move I could have made. Since I was allllllll the way out on the red line, my friend was kind enough to offer me a couch to crash on. Thank you thank you thank you!! Rising at the crack of 10 or so, it's time to make my way back. But, I can't pass up swinging by zBurger on my way to the train. That's one DELISH! Burger. I'll admit, it's no Ray's hell burgers, but it sure does beat the crap outta 5 guys.

Saturday evening I went to another birthday celebration. Starting out as a house party that then migrated to the bar. I ended up rolling with my old crew from days of yore that evening, complete with some fire escape shenanigans, salami pizza, and a sh!tty movie. Ha! I have missed those days. Deff, a great night.

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May you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand, and may the last embrace of the mother welcome you home

Dani West Morgan
January 17th, 1982 - September 19th, 2009

Ben Koomen
October 9th, 1975 - August 9th, 2009

Yeah, I'm a nerd. I'm ok with that. You will both be missed by everyone that knew you and our lives were richer having met you.

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Taco Salad

Dear Taco Salad, we need to have a little chat. I had one of you for dinner tonight and I have to ask, how do you call yourself a salad in good consciousness? Let's do a little deconstruction, shall we? There's a healthy dollop of guacamole plopped there by Doris the lunch lady using her trusty ice cream scoop balanced by an equal portion of sour cream. Next we add the cheese. We've added so much shredded cheese here that I think Domino's just had to jack up the prices on their pizza's due to limited supply. So far, we are up to around 10lbs of toppings. Oh, I know... how about some taco meat pan fried in its own fat and grizzle? Add a hint of seasoning to the meat and toss it on top. The only redeeming topping is the pico with freshly diced onions and tomato's and cilantro. And while we are on the topic of healthy, toss a few slices of iceberg lettuce on the bottom to call it a salad.

Finished? I think not! Once we combine all these ingredients, do we serve it in a bowl? Pah. Mere mortals eat out of bowls, what you need is a giant deep fried tortilla that's retaining grease like Jenny Craig retains water. Simply touching the tortilla in an attempt to start on this entree brings me back to my college days of living with an ashy black guy (Big Tone) who would put on baby oil all the time. Why does everything have to be so damned greasy?!?!

Taco Salad, you are as much a salad as a drag queen is a woman. Sure, you look like a salad and there's some lettuce in there somewhere, but anyone who buys you a few drinks will discover you have a wiener when they take you home! Fail! Let's just cut thru the BS and call you what you really are... a 7 layer dip that is designed to be eaten by one person. Never mind that it'll feed a family of 12 in Guadalajara, in the US that is one bloody serving!


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A Breather

Here I sit taking a breather from the office on this beautiful fall day. I'm a bit stressed due to some last minute travel plans at work, and just everything going on in general. House/condo shopping is crazy scary for me based on the amount of money I'm planning on plunking down. The hash is tough in that it seems everyone is trying to pull away. I'm probably not setting a very good example right now, but I'm trying to turn that around. Also, my social circle... Well, I don't wanna go there right now.

I really can't believe my stress level was so high this morning that sitting on a rock wall outside typing an email or a post on the berry feels relaxing. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I have my iPod in too for effect. Well, time to get my Perfect Pita on. Until next time.


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I pull up to this beautiful building with a cobblestone style drive way. Enter past front desk with a pleasant front door staffer into an open lobby area with contemporary furniture and décor. There's also a very nice deck out back with patio couches, not some iron crap (while nice, just not my taste). I walk past clean freshly painted halls, to get to a set of elevator banks. The elevators are quick, yet quiet. Once I step out on the roof top patio, I'm treated with an amazing view. I can easily see the monuments, Rosslyn, Courthouse, and on for miles. What a view. Wow, I'm impressed.

We tread back down the building to the unit in question. Not far from the elevator, so far so good. I walk in, and all the excitement just slides off my face. WTF is this? The previous owner tried to do the best they could with the space, and the kitchen is not bad. The rest is just tiny. There's no if's and's or but's about it. The bedroom, aside from not having a window in it, doesn't appear to be big enough for a bed even. This room would be ok for a small office or computer room, but deff not big enough for a bedroom. The feeling in this unit is that the designers worked really hard on the rest of the units to make them just right and they had enough space left over to toss in a bathroom and call it a unit. Bad designers, bad!! Perhaps someone else can use the space a little better then I can, but that unit is not at all what I'm willing to work my a$$ off to live in. I can't believe that's what you get for almost $300k.


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Condo Day

Today's the day. It's time to go check the place out. I'm all across the board with thoughts on this place or transaction. What if I love it? Is this really how much I'm supposed to spend on my first property? Why has it been on the market as long as it has? I know, it's the first place I've looked at in 3-4 years, but it's still making me a little nervous. Spending that kind of money is just insanely scary. A mortgage = serious responsibility. More so then just paying your bills or rent, this is the real deal. A condo 1 block from the metro in a tall building with a view and a little patio... that's not a bad gig is it? This whole post is like a buck shot of thoughts, but that's where I'm @ with all of this. Well, let's go check it out. No pressure. If I hate it, I can just walk. What if I love it?


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I've been casually talking to realtors for years now thinking, ok at some point I should probably buy something rather then living in an apt forever. Well, the other day I got an email that had a really cool property in a great location. Vague much? Yup! I don't wanna jinx it! But, I'm going to look at it on Tuesday and I think this is the first time I've been excited about going to look at a property since the housing bubble. Is it still expensive as hell? Yup. Is it big? Nope. But I think my minimalist attitude towards décor, furnishings, and clutter will work in my favor and I'll be able to make the place look bigger then it is. Thinking of possibly being an actual home owner is deff scary as hell. I'm freaked out that I'll be house poor. All I'll be doing is paying for crap in the condo and to live there, but won't have any actual money to go anywhere or do anything. On paper, it looks totally do-able. But even a best case scenario, a mortgage will double my rent. That to me is a little scary. It's a nice building with garaged parking. No, the picture above is not the building. Anyways, let's not get ahead of ourselves, but I am deff excited about this place.


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So there I was hangin out in a bar with a couple of folks the other night chatting the night away. Why is this any different then a usual story? The strange part was, we were all in the process of a detox/cutting back/sobriety bender. The irony of meeting at a bar while we are all detoxing is not lost on me by any means. There I sit, sipping my diet coke. And by sipping I clearly mean pounding them! We leaned back and discussed how much cheaper our tabs have been and what we've been doing with the extra cash. Some have been paying off bills, others buying new toys, some going on trips, you get the idea.

The by product that came up in discussion is that we have all been hooking up a good deal less despite being in better shape physically, emotionally, and financially. This discussion didn't have the pathetic under tone of a loser whining about how long it's been since they've been laid, but rather a feeling of pride. Pride in the decisions we are all making. Pride in being a prude? I guess so. It was very interesting being a part of this conversation with a group of people that (We won't call them sluts. Yes, it was a mix of male and female) have been a little more promiscuous in recent days. Very interesting indeed. Is there a point? A moral to the story? Some sort of judgement? Nope. Just found it very interesting.


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