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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


Don't take your frustrations out on this train operator. Or have the balls to say it to my face. Be a man. Fcuk I hate this Job. Next station, Pentagon. Doors opening, left side.

Last night I went out for a nice 5 mile run through muck and gunk and creeks. The area was a little ghetto... Let me elaborate. The cops stopped to watch our circle for our protection. I got to talking to them and as it would seem, there was a car jacking about a block from where we are. The perps jacked a late model Subaru and didn't make it 3 blocks before they got busted. On the plus side, the cops looooove us in area's like this! When they came back later, one cop said he was only here b/c he didn't believe there were 100 white folks around this area and wanted to see it with his own eyes! Ha, his words, not mine. Very cool guys and good to chat with.

So we head back to the metro, in groups mind you, to find a 7 minute delay. No prob, it's late and that's not a bad wait. That 7 minute marker doesn't budge so it's more like 10+ mins when the train finally picks us up. Ok, no biggie, still not too bad. I should have seen this as foreshadowing of things to come! We all ride the train singing rowdy songs and carrying on as it were till it's time to transfer. A few people head over to the orange or blue a few left us for the red, but we await the Yellow line on this occasion. I see others waiting, so I'm sure it won't be too long. The sign says 14 mins. It sucks, but ok. 14 minutes later... The sign says 14 minutes. WTF? An additional 5 minutes later, it now says 16 minutes followed by 18 minutes, then 20 minutes. Metro.. Have you somehow found a way to make time flow backwards?!?!

Ok, so long story short about 45 minutes later a Green line pulls up and proceeds to sit on the tracks for 20 minutes. Really? Move that P.O.S.!! When they finally leave, we are all thrilled to see a shiny new Yellow line train heading our way. Finally!! Only 70 minutes waiting to just transfer here. WTF?? Had they put up that it was a 70 minute wait on a train I'm pretty sure everyone would have happily jumped out and grabbed a cab. When we get on the train and start to pull away from the station, the driver is on the loud speaker smack talking (quotes above) with the station manager. I guess they got into it a little? Personally, I found their spat and the drivers announcement to be the highlight of the cluster fcuk that was this never ending transfer. I'm pretty sure that's what he said and I was glad I wrote it down before I forgot. Tooo funny. What's not funny is getting home around 130 b/c of a metro fcuk up. Come on WMATA. Get your sh!t together.

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