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According to the insurance adjuster that came to my house this morning, they are planning to total out the bike. And he strongly suggests that I take it. Sad. I feel like I just got it and just started riding it and it's gone already. I'm not sure I'm ready to shop for another bike now. Perhaps in the winter when the sales are insane since no one is buying anything I'll look at another ride. Or perhaps I'll see an amazing deal next week. I just don't know. Sad to see it go either way. :'(

Perhaps the next bike I invest in should have pedals instead? that could be the ticket. I saw a sweet a$$ Diamond Back at the shop the other day, full disc brakes, trigger shifters, front and rear shocks, nasty knobby tires... mmmmm. I know, Diamond Back probably isn't the top of the list for some of you hard core bikers out there, but I had one many years ago and really loved it.


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At Fri Aug 28, 07:58:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

Maybe it's a sign.


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