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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Still? Really?

Sappy alert. If you hate my sappy drivel, just move on and skip this post.

Another trip under my belt, and another couple training sessions done. I work hard to handle all the issues as we travel. To me, they seem simple and trivial, but to my co-worker, she doesn't know how she ever traveled with out me. Good for job security, right? Right. The biggest challenge this time was the training facility which was grossly under powered. PC's with only ½ a gig of ram, some not even connected to the network, and never mind the head ache I had getting onto their servers in the first place. Ugh.

Despite being in a different state, hanging out with different people, my thoughts still float to her. On the plane, she floats through my thoughts like the clouds skimming past the wings. The distant horizons remind me over every time I got lost in her eyes and let the days turn into nights, then into days again. Sleep just seemed to be a luxury I didn't need. I'm sure it's unhealthy to fall that hard for someone, and I'm still shocked that I did. Quite honestly, I can't believe she's still on my mind. But she is. I'm not pining for her to come back by any means, I fully grasp that everything is done and I am moving on. It's just taken longer then I or anyone that knows me had ever expected. Normally, I'd employ the "The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" methodology, but I just don't really want that right now. What do I want? If I knew that, I'd go and find it now wouldn't I?

In the mean time, not dating or partying hard sure is saving a hell of a lot of money and keeping me waaaaaaay out of the drama. When will I start up drinking/partying hard again? I don't know. Something drove me to just lose the taste for it. Some say it's part of maturing or growing up. Perhaps. Only time will tell me and you how this story will play out. Oh sure, we both have our guesses. But I wanna watch it all happen first hand!


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