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Still on the Wagon

As of Tuesday, I'm on day 10 in a row run of no drinking. It's interesting going out with my same crew and watching the show rather then being a part of it or making the show. I'm not sure why, but in these past few weeks I've more enjoyed taking a back seat as opposed to getting all up in the middle of it. Am I growing up? Am I just tired? Am I sick of the poor judgement I exhibit courtesy of alcohol? I don't know, maybe one of those or maybe it's something entirely different. I think I'm losing a little weight as a result, I can see it in my face a bit. But I mean, take away 10,000 calorie evenings and you are bound to shed a few pounds!!

My question... I am hitting the MiniBar for dinner and part of their tasting includes an edible Mojito and a Pisco sour. Does that count as drinking or will I still be on the wagon? I mean, technically these are all items prepared by chef's as part of the tasting menu, but do they count as drinks? It's a fine line and I've gotten yes' and no's depending on who I asked.


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