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Random Screening?

I made my flight today by the skin of my teeth… well, I guess I could have been a little later but I’d rather not chance it. I got there right as everyone lined up to get on the flight. Perfect! No waiting although I would have liked to grab some breakfast or something to fill the belly this morning. It seems like every time I pass through TSA, I get pulled aside for additional random screening. WTF? Do I look suspicious or something? The machine was pretty cool that they used, but why wouldn’t it be able to tell that I have nothing in my pockets? a. I dumped everything out and I still had to turn them inside out? I think I say this every time, but screw you terrorists. You have made air travel annoying.

Last night I went to see The Goods in an effort to just get outta the house and not lay around with an ice pack. In retrospect, I probably should have just laid around with an ice pack on. The movie was great, but really… I just got into a bike accident. I’m so damned stubborn I guess. I only mention the movie b/c there is an airline portion to it that is all sorts of funny with the main character getting his way on the plane and of course a party starts up almost immediately after. Great movie for a couple of laughs, but no real depth to it. Think The Hangover, similar style of movie. (mmm…. Peanuts - they just served us peanuts on the flight) On that note, I’m out before the baby on the plane starts crying again testing the noise cancellation properties of my head phones.


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At Mon Aug 24, 09:27:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

Gotta love being the random winner! Makes you think you should play the lottery.


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