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Joy Riding

This past weekend on a beautiful Saturday, I woke up, grabbed my gear and went out riding!! My riding was part riding and part party hopping. But hey, you gotta get to the party somehow, right? Heading north around 1ish to get to my first stop takes me up to the far side of Baltimore, which I'd like to note has excellent liquor prices. What? I can't show up empty handed!! Good thing I have that cargo net to hold down a nice bottle of Johnny Black Label. Aside from good liquor prices, I learned that the folks on the road up there freakin fly!! I'm doing like 75-80 with some of the traffic while the rest of traffic is just blowing by me on the left! Wait a min.. aren't I the sports bike? Shouldn't I be the one flying here?!

The party was a great little gathering a house with a ridiculous amount of space and a quint little back yard. Good snacks, good folks, but alas I must move on. Heading south bound I need to make a pit stop at my place to grab my liner. The night before, the temp dropped a lot in the evening and I want to be prepared. The trunk on the bike holds exactly 1 hat, 1 jacket liner, and 1 registration/insurance card. That is max capacity I heard! Finally, a trunk to make the Jeep's trunk look massive!

Grabbing my liner, I'm on to the next stop... Herndon! The plan is to meeting up at the tail end of a pub crawl with some friends from out west. You know, with this bike that commute just doesn't seem that long. Maybe it's the ease that I can get through traffic or the speed of the commute or the fact that the commute is now an exciting journey rather then a feeling of how soon can I get off these roads. Regardless, the distance just doesn't feel far at all anymore. I arrive to a drunken mess (it's a pub crawl, duh!) but a few of the organizers still have their wits about them. One is getting a grill going with some burgers and hot dogs, another is preparing the biggest damn Stromboli I've ever seen. Delish! After some good socializing and some tasty treats, it's time to move on.

Next, I head into the city for a house party and try to catch up with a crew that's doing a send off for another friend. She's moving to China... sad. But, basically the Chinese are paying her to study Mandarin so I guess it can't be all bad, right? Anyways, this party is deff much more rowdy then the previous two with a Vodka filled watermelon and beers flowing freely and quickly for all. This is the same house that has that glorious view of the city from the roof... but it also has a ladder leading to the roof that is absolutely terrifying!! Once the bulk of the party heads up there, I call it time to hop back on the bike.

It's a beautiful crisp night for riding, but not as cool as the night before so no need for the liner. Nice to know it'll fit if I need it tho. Cruising home is pleasant to the point where I don't really wanna go home so I take the scenic route around. But finally, it's time. I think I've put 150-200 miles under my belt today alone which I calculated translates into 41+mpg!! Wow, almost triple the miles I get on the Jeep? Sweeet! Click on the map up top to zoom in for more details on the ride.


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At Thu Aug 13, 12:06:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

Did you go to the liquor barn? That's what I call it anyway. I <3 it.


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