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Colorado, WTF is going on? Why are you stealing more and more of my friends to move out to you? What is soooo awesome out there that's drawing people away from the DC metro? It's not just couples that are going to start a new life, but single folks too. Is it the mountains? Is there a good infrastructure that supports a ton of commerce out that way? What is it? Don't get me wrong, I've been long tempted to go out there and be a ski bum while bar tending full time, but I think at this point in my life I might have missed my window for that. I make you this warning Colorado... Stop stealing my peoples!!!


posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 10:09 AM,


At Sat Aug 08, 11:21:00 PM EDT, Blogger Mr. X said...

Just give in and come on out. You can crash with us until you find a place.


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