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Biker Bash

Yesterday (Sunday) I went out to join DC101's Biker Bash. It's a good ride for a good cause. What better way to spend a beautiful day? Luckily, I didn't stay out too late the night before so I awoke refreshed, well rested, and ready to get out on the road. The ride up BW Parkway in the morning was nice. Not too much traffic and the weather was still very cool out. I arrived 90 minutes early to scope out the area, the dealership, and to get a snack. Even at 90 mins, I was about the 1,000th or so bike there. Wow... crowded! Included in my registration was a cool T-Shirt with the logo you see here on the right and a Biker Bash pin. I snagged 2, one for the roomie!

After a quick talk from the powers that be and the national anthem, we mount up and are ready to go. Looking around all I think is "am I the only one that wears any riding gear?" Seriously, how are there not more dead (or road rashed) riders. Only the ricers seem to wear riding gear out there. One wise old biker said to me "You dress for the wreck, not for the ride" Good statement. I think I'm gonna invest in some new riding kicks next. Anyways, we are off with a freaking TON of riders. I didn't ride with anyone that I met up with b/c the lot was so jam packed, you just had to get in where you were in line and ride with whom ever is next to you. No big as I was able to meet up with them at the end.

The ride was 44.5 miles on a hot hot day of too slow riding if you ask me. Then again, I do ride a rice rocket! The greatest part is the police escort we get on these rides. They closed down the BW Parkway for us and every single exit ramp we passed so that no cars or other bikes could join us. Also, lights and stop signs... well, you get to ignore those on this ride! Very cool. The end was this large bar with two stages and an outdoor sandy area with tables. It's in BFE, but still a cool spot. There's a cover band on the stage that sounds good and some refreshments that'll cost you an arm and a leg. Over all, a nice ending spot. I didn't stay long as I wanted to head back south and get my rock band on!! Yeah, I know... dork! I'm ok with that!

Click here to see the official pix from DC 101!


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