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Well, they say everyone lays down their bike. First off, fcuk you 'they' for being correct. I got run off the road today by a Mitsubishi Galant from Jersey. I've driven one and know that those things have crap for visibility so I believe the guy didn't do it on purpose. The bike went sliding (on the right side again) up the street and I went sliding in a diff direction from it. It was either bounce off the car or lay the bike down. I think I made the right call. I ended up bouncing off a curb with my hip/back... Fun!!

The bike now needs a new upper cowl as mine is currently snapped in half. The front brake control is jacked as well as the throttle response plus the exhaust is now loose too. Well, I've been wanting to replace the body work anyways, now's a good a time as any, right? Well, back to the shop for the bike and my paycheck. Man, am I glad I wore all my gear today. I don't know how people ride in less.


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