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28 Courses

Last night, I took my mom out for her birthday to a unique location. MiniBar… maybe you heard of it? It is quite possibly the hardest place to get into in all of DC. We were joined by two younger girls who happened to jump on a last minute cancellation the day of and a couple a little older then me. Nice folks. The entire meal is served by 2 chefs as they prepare the intricate little servings in front of you. Our chef's were very good and classically trained in French cuisine I believe. The plan here, is to sample the first one or two bites of each dish since those are the ones that hit your pallet the strongest and let you get a feel for the dish. Ergo, all the dishes are only 1 to 2 bits. The meal went one course at a time with the chef's explaining what they were serving and how to best eat it. Starting with small snacks, moving into heavier foods and finishing up with a desert course.

It was very impressive, but at $1000 for 6 people, it had better be. I found all of the food to be very interesting, but I was more impressed by the techniques the chef's were using, their interactions (team work), and how well kept their stations were through out service. Things like how the dishes come together and q & a sessions were more interesting to me then some of the flavors. I don't think I have a pallet for fancy fancy foods. I really like the concept, and I was impressed... But was I blown away? Nope. I think I learned something about myself... I'm clearly a meat and potatoes kind of guy. This was a very nice experience, I'm glad my mom liked it, and it's something that I can say I've done. But I would have been just as happy at an Outback eating a slab of rare prime rib.

This is the solid Mojito. The outter shell has been frozen by liquid nitrogen, but the center is still a liquid.

This is Almonds and blue cheese served over chilled rocks to keep the shell in a solid state.

This is a cucumber yogurt salad. Notice the frozen scoop of yogurt in the center... it's not traditional yogurt it's a sauce of sorts. Surrounded by cucumbers with the flower petal still on and a balsamic reduction.


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