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Six Flags!

Last night, I did noooooooooooothing. I had plans to do something, but they all failed!! But, that's all good b/c it was a wonderfully relaxing night. A little cleaning out of the DVR and a little Final Fantasy and a good nights sleep… b/c Saturday I got to play all day @ Six Flags!! I've never been to a Six Flags period, let alone one in PG county. How shall I put this delicately… this park needs some TLC. Don't get me wrong, nothing is dangerous but I can tell that many of the decorations that add to the over all feel of the park have deff been neglected. Also, I'm shocked the whole park doesn't erupt in racial violence!! Let's see, take the rednecks from southern MD and toss 'em into a park with the PG county locals taking into account that most of them are in their late teens or early 20's and you've got me shocked!! The cool part of this park is that it feels like a party all the time with the loud dance music. Not sure I've heard the cupid shuffle that many times in a day. Bet the employee's are super sick of it by now.

The rides were fun and the lines weren't too bad. The batwing coaster was deff a first for me. Basically, you are strapped in using a 5 point harness, then the ride lays you down so that you feel like you are flying when you ride. Very cool!! In fact, all the coasters were cool except for the Mind Eraser. I have to say, I've had more mind erasing with a bad shot then from that ride. I like the dangling feet coasters, so that was cool but I think the ride was waaaaaay too short. The superman coaster had some great drops all over the place. Staying on the track and making you feel that weightless every time is pretty impressive. I'm going back in a few weeks so I'll deff get to ride them all again. Hell, I'm a season pass holder now!


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