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Friday evening, a few of us went out to see Video Games Live. What is? Basically, video game scores have become such a huge part of many peoples lives and culture that this group has gotten together a full orchestra to play them! Converting the old 8 bit stuff into full sheet music or simply replaying some of the modern tracks. Pretty neat, huh? I thought it was cool. The problem for me was they didn't play enough final fantasy tracks. After some discussion on the issue, it turns out that they probably don't have the license from Square to play their tracks. All we got was some mash ups from the video game pianist (who was freaking amazing by the way) and one track from FF-VII. Maybe I need to go play FF-VII again, b/c it was supposed to be the one that brought the love of the game back to the states but I just never got it.

It was an out door show, so basically blankets and buckets of chicken were all over the place!! I deff ate too much, but I guess it's all part of the fun. Would I go again? Probably. I really do think that they can make an entire show out of just Final Fantasy tracks, there are soooo freakin many!! I would have loved to hear more from FF-X and FF-XII. Well, I guess I'm not a closet nerd anymore, eh?


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