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Happy Analversary!!

Today marks 5 years (& almost 20lbs) of hashing!! I thought it only fitting to put up a pic of me at one of my first hashes. I've met some great people, made some amazing friends, dated a few beautiful ladies, and even fell head over heels for one. Let's go over a few grand totals, shall we?

  • $Thousands - Amount spent on sign in/Rego's
  • $Thousands - Amount spent on costumes/accessories
  • $Thousands - Amount spent at OnOnOn's
  • 17lbs - Weight gained since moving here

    I think the appropriate song here would be "Get a life!!" What ever you decide to sing to me, thank you DC Hashing community for all you have given me. I hope how hard I've worked to give back can help to show my appreciation.

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