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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


The bike is home!! Finally, after 2 months it's ready to ride. The last bill was a little lower then I projected even with the additional repair, so I think I'll be spending some of that left over on a new riding jacket. My old one is Yellow and black... can't have that with a red/black bike! Picking it up yesterday kinda sucked since it was raining and I hate riding in the rain. Not b/c I mind it raining on me (which I don't. In fact, the sound of the rain on the helmet is pretty cool) but b/c sports bikes and wet pavement just don't get a long and I really have zero desire to lay this bike down. Plans are already in the works for a nice ride this weekend, and in the mean time the universal fit cover I picked up fits like a glove!!


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In my effort to get my running better, I was out attempting to run trail Tuesday night with a great group of runners. I know, I know, I'm still slow but I'm trying damn it!! On the first half of the trail, I ran through a dark tunnel and came out unscathed on the other side. Woot! ...until I found what looked like a puddle with my left leg. This 'puddle' turned out to be a 2 foot deep hole with slabs of concrete surrounding it. Long story short, my thigh met these slabs of concrete head on and lost. Nothing left here but some mean mean bruising and a bit of a limp! Ha, if I was a doctor I could be like house right now. Sport bike & a limp!! Now, how does he just clip that cane onto the frame??


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Pikes Peak

When you say pikes peak, this is exactly what I think about. Can you believe this is someones job?!? Wow, I'm jealous!


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Happy Analversary!!

Today marks 5 years (& almost 20lbs) of hashing!! I thought it only fitting to put up a pic of me at one of my first hashes. I've met some great people, made some amazing friends, dated a few beautiful ladies, and even fell head over heels for one. Let's go over a few grand totals, shall we?

  • $Thousands - Amount spent on sign in/Rego's
  • $Thousands - Amount spent on costumes/accessories
  • $Thousands - Amount spent at OnOnOn's
  • 17lbs - Weight gained since moving here

    I think the appropriate song here would be "Get a life!!" What ever you decide to sing to me, thank you DC Hashing community for all you have given me. I hope how hard I've worked to give back can help to show my appreciation.

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    Hungry Hungry

    As you might have noticed if you've spent any time around me, I am ALWAYS hungry. All I wanna know is, WTF? Some say I have a high metabolism. But if that was the case, wouldn't I be much much skinnier? Others say that it's a tape worm, but you know they are just saying something to say something. I just thought I'd share that I find it totally bizarre that I can eat a huge plate full of food, more then some others eat to be fully stuffed… then 20 minutes later it's like, hey chicken sounds pretty good right about now. Damn it brain/stomach team - work with me here guys!


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    It's that time of the year again, camping trip!! And guess who's helping cook the meal on Friday night? Yeah, that's a whooooole latta meat! Anyways, I'm sure it'll be a great time. I just hope everyone enjoys the feast Friday night!


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    Soooo bad

    There's just something I love about going out. The jokes, the laughter, the good stories, hilarious games… ok, maybe there's a lot I love about going out! But why why why does it have to be so bad for you? It's terrible for your body physically. Going out w/ booze (or whatever your poison) is fattening, caloric, usually high in sugars, and basically has no nutritional value. Also, going out leads you to eat more junk food b/c that's what's around when you get hungry. There's not a fresh green leafy salad guy chasing you down when you go out, but there's always some chicken wings or hot dogs available to ya. It's bad for you financially. Everything costs more when you are out whether it's food or drink. And when you roll 6-10 deep everywhere you go, a round for your friends adds up REALLY quickly. I'm sure I could go on, but Nah. That's enuff for now. Despite all these bad things, I continue to make the conscious choice to go out and have great times with my peoples. Is that good? Is that bad? I've come to the realization that it just is.


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    Six Flags!

    Last night, I did noooooooooooothing. I had plans to do something, but they all failed!! But, that's all good b/c it was a wonderfully relaxing night. A little cleaning out of the DVR and a little Final Fantasy and a good nights sleep… b/c Saturday I got to play all day @ Six Flags!! I've never been to a Six Flags period, let alone one in PG county. How shall I put this delicately… this park needs some TLC. Don't get me wrong, nothing is dangerous but I can tell that many of the decorations that add to the over all feel of the park have deff been neglected. Also, I'm shocked the whole park doesn't erupt in racial violence!! Let's see, take the rednecks from southern MD and toss 'em into a park with the PG county locals taking into account that most of them are in their late teens or early 20's and you've got me shocked!! The cool part of this park is that it feels like a party all the time with the loud dance music. Not sure I've heard the cupid shuffle that many times in a day. Bet the employee's are super sick of it by now.

    The rides were fun and the lines weren't too bad. The batwing coaster was deff a first for me. Basically, you are strapped in using a 5 point harness, then the ride lays you down so that you feel like you are flying when you ride. Very cool!! In fact, all the coasters were cool except for the Mind Eraser. I have to say, I've had more mind erasing with a bad shot then from that ride. I like the dangling feet coasters, so that was cool but I think the ride was waaaaaay too short. The superman coaster had some great drops all over the place. Staying on the track and making you feel that weightless every time is pretty impressive. I'm going back in a few weeks so I'll deff get to ride them all again. Hell, I'm a season pass holder now!


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    Fcuking Bike

    Today is the first day it has gone from my fun toy to being referred to as the fcuking bike. Why you ask? Well, financially it has crossed that magical line from being a good deal into a project. It's pushing on tripling my budget to get it fully road ready at this point. Even more fun is that it needs yet another part which will arrive in about another week, then install... basically, the months of June & July have seen the bike in the shop. The only riding I've had a chance to do is to and from the shop! The shop guys have been really cool and very nice, but it's still incredibly frustrating watching summer slip away and not get to enjoy it. On the plus side, I did finally get my title from the DMV and then was able to get Tags too. That little victory just isn't cutting it for me today tho.
      Parts Replaced:
    • Honda Specific Battery

    • Fuel Tank

    • Fuel Pump

    • Fuel Pressure Regulator

    • Upper Fairing Stay Bracket

    • Spark Plugs

    • #2 Fuel Injector

    • Rear Turn Signals

    • Don't get me started on the DMV sh!t


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    I hate it when I've been to so many great events and I want to write about everything, but there just isn't time. Grrr... I have some topics and idea's, but I just can't seem to get around to putting pen to paper as it were. I wanna talk about the awesome pub crawl this past weekend, the laaaaaaazy recovery day, the upcoming camping trip, the trail Tuesday night, WNDC, her, my bike saga, and much more. Like I said, too many topics! Ok, much like closing the books at the end of the month, we are gonna wipe those and start fresh.


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    Friday evening, a few of us went out to see Video Games Live. What is? Basically, video game scores have become such a huge part of many peoples lives and culture that this group has gotten together a full orchestra to play them! Converting the old 8 bit stuff into full sheet music or simply replaying some of the modern tracks. Pretty neat, huh? I thought it was cool. The problem for me was they didn't play enough final fantasy tracks. After some discussion on the issue, it turns out that they probably don't have the license from Square to play their tracks. All we got was some mash ups from the video game pianist (who was freaking amazing by the way) and one track from FF-VII. Maybe I need to go play FF-VII again, b/c it was supposed to be the one that brought the love of the game back to the states but I just never got it.

    It was an out door show, so basically blankets and buckets of chicken were all over the place!! I deff ate too much, but I guess it's all part of the fun. Would I go again? Probably. I really do think that they can make an entire show out of just Final Fantasy tracks, there are soooo freakin many!! I would have loved to hear more from FF-X and FF-XII. Well, I guess I'm not a closet nerd anymore, eh?


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    For the first time in my adult life, I got to say "I'm having dinner with my mom and dad" the other night. We got some nice Asian fusion cuisine and went shopping for some stuff for the dad that he needed. I tried to GQ him up a bit, but he wasn't feelin it. Over all, it was a nice please evening. Mom, Dad, the dog & Me? Yeah, this deff felt like a first. I mentioned that this is the closest to 'normal' we've ever been, but I'm not sure that's the case nor am I sure how I feel about all this. I think I still have to sort a bunch of it out. What's next? A white picket fence? Ha!


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    Healthy Diet Fail!

    Just as a rule of thumb... Skipping breakfast, then having a low fat lunch does not make it ok to spend the rest of your calories on Miller Light, Shock Top, burgers, nachos, Firefly, Captain Morgans, & Red Bull. Unless of course getting in shape isn't on the agenda!! On the creative eating side, I made a nacho burger last night which was AWESOME!! Just what it sounds like, add loaded nachos on top of the burger patty replace the bun and enjoy! I wish I would have thougth to take a pic and submit it to This is Why Youre Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to nerd out and brush up on my video game music before going to see this show tomorrow night!


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    Last nights dream was a little odd, kind of a cool concept but still odd. I dreamt that I could trade in my Amex points (like frequent flier miles or whatever you have) for extra sleep in the morning. Buuut... all that resulted in was me over sleeping when I finally rolled outta bed. Oooops. Ok, no more looking at my Best Buy Rewards account before I go to bed! On a completely unrelated note, my father is coming to visit the DC Metro today. I haven't seen/heard from him in quite some time so this should be interesting. He's a nice guy, no grudges or anything I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to feel. Every time I think on it, I keep hearing "Luke, Search your feelings" from a Obi Wan. Clearly, some soul searching is in order.


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    Ok, Maybe a little progress...

    Now that I've sat here and thought about it for a while, a huge change for me came last night as I was balancing my books and looking at my monthly reports. Spending in bars (ie. going out, clubs, ononon's, etc) dropped down nearly 300% from the month before. For the first time in months, my going out expense wasn't in my top 3 expenses! Woot! Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I still spent too much money, it just went somewhere else then to a bar! So, economy, don't you worry you are still stimulated by me.


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    No Progress

    As of this morning, the DMV still hasn't opened my paperwork to see if everything is in order and what, if anything, I'm missing to title the bike. Frustrating, but I think I'm getting used to it. You just gotta plow through the govt. paper work to get things done by the rules. In the mean time, I'm still waiting on a new injector anyways so the bike is camping at the shop in a garage while I'm camping at the office waiting on my title work. Next parts to buy, I think I'm going to be taking a look at the brackets holding on the front fairings and replacing the corner markers with some bright LED jobbies once it gets back to my place. Don't need a title to do electrical work on it!

    The phone battle continues with my attempt to get dinner reservations for my moms birthday. I thought today was the day, I was able to get through and as the phone rang and rang I realized... oh right, they are closed on Mondays. Well then, tomorrow is gonna be the day!


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    Simple Updates

      Wow... I just had an over whelming urge to get the hell outta dodge. No subconscious, you stop that! No traveling on 4th of July weekend. Traffic sucks! Anyways, nothing major today just working on some documents on the office and thought I'd take a 30 second breather to update on the happs… Let's see:

    • The bike is still in the shop. No word on the new spark plugs cost or effectiveness. But it's cool b/c the fcuking titling people still haven't even opened the damn fed ex I sent them last week according to their time line.

      • Update: The bike's #2 injector was covered in gunk. So, once that part is replaced, both the misfiring problem and the idling problem should be taken care of. Woot! The part I need is on order and I hope to have the bike back in good riding order by next weekend and if fate smiles on me, perhaps a title in hand at the same time?!?

    • The month of June has come to a close, which means my being grounded should be over soonish. Wow, I really budgeted like crap!!

    • Mini Bar continues to elude me. Trying to make reservations for my mom, but at 6 seating's a night it's a tough spot to get into.

    • Looking forward to a nice long weekend. I'm not sure that the 4th will go on quite like this, but I'm sure it'll be a great time!


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