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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


On my way back from travel, I got into yet another car accident where I wasn't driving. I'm starting to think I'm bad luck here?! We were in the cab getting onto the highway when a more timid driver in front of us in a Ford Taurus had a hard time merging and came to a complete stop on the on ramp. Really? We had to come to a quick stop, and the Ford Ranger that flew up behind us was just not able to stop in time. So, we got whacked from behind and wouldn't ya know it, the Taurus took off just in time for us not to rear end them and become a Ford Sandwich!

Usually, I almost never wear a seat belt in the back seat of Taxi's. For some reason, I got in and put mine on right away this time. Weird. But deff for the best. Everyone walked away with only a little whiplash and some minor bruising... except for my laptop. It was positioned in the perfect place to get smacked around and lose some data sectors. The ones containing my profile! What are the odds? Well, better that then anyone got hurt. Ya know?

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