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A tale of two classes

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times… Ok, seriously tho, I've been training for a couple of years on assorted systems in my career. And one thing that has not changed is how much the class depends on the students. It's never ever ever ALL about the instructor. In my opinion, the best classes will have great student participation, a lot of interaction, and an over all good time. So, there I was teaching my second day on a two day stretch of travel training. Same material as the day before, just different students. Day 1 everything was great, topics and jokes are all right on point. Great questions and even the branch chief seemed to really take away some great points. The next day, its almost as if nothing could go right. Back row is asleep, no one enjoying themselves or getting any of the jokes, hell the damn system went down half way through the day.

What's the catch? On our evals, the scores were right around the same for both classes. I guess the second glass did get something out of the class. Lesson learned for the day - Just b/c they look asleep doesn't mean they won't give you a good score anyway? Ugh… I'd rather every class was like that first day. Much more willing to learn and laugh and enjoy themselves. Hell, they even invited me to sit with them at lunch! Nice, esp. since I usually don't take lunch when I travel.


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