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Small Victory

The bike shop called yesterday, and after installing the new fuel tank and fuel pump, it started right up!!! Woo hoo!! In the next day or so, they are going to do a full run through of the bike to see what else it needs, road test it and it should be good to go. Funny thing in VA, it can pass inspection with NO turn signals, but it can't pass inspection with only the back ones. Strange, buuut whatever! It might be done as early as this weekend and ready to ride. Now, I just gotta pick up a few more things... New cover, new bungee cords, and a couple odds and ends. I'm thinking I'll hold off on the turn signals for a bit till I decide what I want to do with 'em. I can do all the wiring myself so no hurry there. Besides, I always forget to turn the damn thing off when I'm riding anyway so I look like an old man driving down the road with his blinker on!!


posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 2:53 PM,


At Fri Jun 19, 11:15:00 AM EDT, Anonymous LAmanda321 said...

Just seeing what you have been up to. Good luck with the Bike. Ben's motorcycle is in the shop more than it is on the road--but he says that is part of it. Have fun!

At Fri Jun 19, 11:46:00 AM EDT, Blogger Cptn S.A. Ho said...

Thanks!! I'm super excited about it... I'm hoping that this is the last of the problems since Honda does make a good bike/engine.


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