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Pitchin' a Tent

Just as I prophesized, the tent palace rode again!! It was out this weekend for it's first test run in a couple of years at the very least. I'm not sure how I let this happen, but I now have ZERO tent stakes. Good thing it wasn't too windy! We get there first and as usual, drive the Jeep right into the middle of the camp. Hey, it beats hauling stuff up and down the hill! Getting there early means we get the pick of the tent spots at our camp ground. As you can clearly see, me being the genius that I am took one on a 5% slope? What? Why?!? The result... me rolling down to the corner of my tent the entire night. Ha!

This camp ground is basically just some body's property. I know, every land is some ones property, but let me make myself clear. This guy and his crazy daughter (yeah, she's the Customer Service expert too) own a couple of acres that they live on. All they've done is tossed in a few picnic tables, a couple of fire pits, and section the whole thing off into many different small sites and called it a camp ground. Seriously, next door it's just normal houses. We are basically paying to camp at this guys house. A little strange if you ask me, but whatever.

The tents are all set up, the beers are flowing freely and might I add that Both the Summer's Brew & the Yucca are freaking excellent!! Yeah, those went quickly! We finally get the grill working and who knew... I'm still a decent griller! Working steaks, hot dogs, fresh veggie sauté in my make shift pan made of Reynolds wrap!! The food worked out great and everyone was sooo stuffed that we didn't even touch the sweets!

After the feast, we get onto listening to some music, playing cards and just hangin out. Good times until Ranger Dan (the crotchety old guy that runs the place) came by a couple times to tell us to keep it down. You can't even hear us talking outside our campsite. Hell, there were only 9 of us! One of our crew thinks the guy is just wasted and being drunk himself, takes on the Mission Impossible of stalking this guy thru the woods. Ranger Dan is basically going to all the campsites, waiting for anyone to make a peep and then b!tch them out for it. WTF? A$$hat. All the Yucca (I kept calling it 'Yumma'!) & Summer's Brew gone, we finally head off to our tents for some shut eye. The sun rises early to light up the world when you camp!

Breaking down camp in a bit of a light drizzle and discussing the events of the night before, we get all packed up. No breakfast at the campsite this time but we do hit the Waffle House on the way home to relive the stories of the night before and sing the mission impossible theme song a few times too many. Now, it's off to the couch for everyone to veg the day away.


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