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New(est) Addition

With everyone around me buying new toys, I started to get a little jealous. I mean one gets another Firebird with a NASTY exhaust kit (seriously, you can feel it start up!!). Another gets a new TL in the same trim level that I would have gotten for myself. And me, I'm just sittin here being good. Well, good no longer!! I've gone out and picked up a Honda CBR600 F4i. Yummmmm! Such a beautiful bike and a strong performer!! The one catch... it hasn't been started in a little over a year. D'oh! No big, I got a great deal on it so let's get it to the shop to see just how bad it is.

Hurdle #1 - The gas tank and fuel pump assembly has rusted all to hell. Normally, you would just toss a special acid in the tank swish it around a bit and dump it out (it's more technical then that but you get the idea). Thus cleaning the rust and leaving behind a nice and smooth metal surface free of rust. My bike... the tank is sooo rusted that putting in any acid would potentially eat through the bottom of the tank and dump the acid on more sensitive parts. Ugh. So, a new tank is on order along with a new fuel pump. On the plus side, the shop I'm working with is cool with me getting my own parts and shipping them there. Today's order saved me a little over $300 by going online vs. going to the local Honda shop. Woot!

Hurdle #2 - Battery/Cornering lights. It would seem Honda bikes don't use the standard battery like most bikes (news to me). They need a special battery and wouldn't you know it, mine is D - E - A - D... Dead! Won't even hold a charge. No problem, installing a battery is really not that big a deal. Even I can take care of that sort of thing with my mechanical skills. It's about 6 bolts (2 holding on the cover, 2 holding the battery in place, and then one for each terminal). Ok, now I gotta find one and see just how good or bad the cost is. While I'm at it, I think some new LED turn signals for the back are gonna need to be added to the shopping list since the old ones got snapped off. That's deff an easy fix that I can do myself. 1 10mm screw on each and a solder a couple wires... no problem!

Bike shops are more like boat shops than Auto shops in that it takes much longer to get your vehicle back. As of now, I'm hoping to get my bike running and on the road SAFELY by the end of June. I don't know if I'm being too ambitious but that's my goal and I know the wait will be worth it once I wind that engine up and hear the intakes sucking in air on some fun back roads. Damn... what a gorgeous bike!! (This is not my photo since I haven't cleaned mine up for some pix yet, but that's the same year, trim and colors as mine!)

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