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Moody Much?

Today, myself an my co-worker are getting the effects of my boss' mood first hand. Funny how quickly the tables can turn. Last week, we did an amazing job and are assets to the team this week I got a talking to for not booking someone elses travel on my credit card? WTF? I don't book other peoples travel at all! And now, she can barely take the time to speak to me when we are in the same room? Awesome! O well, so it goes in the office world. Some folks complain and say they've never had it this bad. Me? Well, I've never had what you'd call a good environment at any office job so I just chalk it up to the crap that is office life.

I mean this gig ain't so bad, travel a bit, train a bit, the people are decent for the most part, the money isn't too bad, and the commute is great. I won't say "what more can you ask for?" b/c I don't wanna get off on that tangent.

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At Mon Jun 08, 07:09:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

Sounds as bad as my situation- one day I'm getting the stink eye for answering a question, the next day I add the question to the interview questions, and the person that I got the stink eye from didn't even ask their own question when they were leading the damn interview! WTF?! Love me or hate me, but make up your mind; and enough with the damn stink eye!


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