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It's Official

I'm an office yuppie! As fate would have it, I have finally received the final item that you need to complete your office yuppiedom… a nalgene bottle. Ugh, how did I end up with this item?!?! Well, it's nice and green and has a fun flip top lid! I didn't actually pay any money for it, instead it wound up in my Jeep from this weekends camping trip from a friend. Ok, so maybe this is a bit random… but the damned FIOS kept me up late watching Speed Racer on HBO (again!!) and I'm a little groggy. Curse your clear picture, lack of commercials, ability to pause/rewind/fast forward, great sound quality, and good selection of crap that I wanna watch!! And once again, bless you Diet Coke for keeping me awake this morning. It's been a while since I had one of you, but you are a welcome addition to my life this morning!


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