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I'm not sure what's going on right now. This morning, I feel like I'm watching everything happen around me in a bit of a fog. I mean, everything is ok, right? Let's check… My apt is nice and my roommate is a good guy who pays rent on time. The Jeep is running fine and the mildew is gone. My job is ok, and pays decent money. I'm stretched a little tight on funds right now, but that's my own fault and will fix itself up shortly. Everyone around me seems to be in good health… I have no idea. I just can't kick this feeling that I'm watching everything happen around me and not even very clearly at that. Maybe it's just the end of the weekend start of the work week bit, but I just don't know.

Update approx 3hrs later: I blame Monday Mornings. It's 1130ish, and I feel fine. Go figure.


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