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The DMV Strikes Back

Why why why is everything so much more difficult in VA? From getting your drivers license to titling. ESPECIALLY titling. My plan: show up with all my paperwork early this morning so that I could get my tags and title and be on my way to get my bike. Simple you say? Why yes, yes it is. Buuut... not for the DMV. B/c of the title, it actually has to go through the main DMV in Richmond. Awesome. I called down there to ensure I had all my paperwork in order so that there would be no problems once they received it. Once they get it, I was told they would get to it with in 2 weeks?!? Ugh. To the right, you will see an artists rendition of what I look like dealing with the dmv... frazzled/frustrated much? Ha!

Ok, lets assume all goes PERFECTLY. I mail my application today. They get it tomorrow (+2 days). DMV gets around to looking at it in 2 weeks (+16 days), process and turn it around in 2 days (+18 days), and then send me my title via snail mail (+21 days). Once I get the title, back to the fcuking DMV to request tags and registration again! (+24 days) As you can see, an additional month of DMV BS is now standing b/t me and my bike when I was supposed to be riding this beautiful upcoming weekend. Awesome. On the plus side, all my locks/covers are in the mail so it'll be safe and secure at the house while I sit on my duff waiting. Grrrrr!!


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