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The Day

The day is upon us when I finally get my bike!! I get to start it for the first time and take it out for a spin for the first time. How exciting... the catch? (of course there's a catch!!) I only get to ride it home b/c of my never ending battle with the DMV. Ugh. I fed ex'd everything down to them Monday, so I can only hope they are getting it today and have started working on the documentation and everything is in order. In the mean time, it's honestly cheaper to get an expired tags ticket for riding it home then it is to pay to trailer my bike home. So, I'm super excited to ride home today b/c that's probably the only riding I'll get until the DMV folks get offa their a$$es and send me my title. ok, so maaaaaaybe I'll ride to get a hair cut real quick, then home! =)


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