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Das Budget

I've been buh-roke as a joke for a bit (not looking for sympathy, I did it to myself) and I've REALLY cut down on my spending. Basically, when I woke up Sunday Morning (I use that term loosely) I had $20 in my pocket. And that's about all I got! Don't get worked up, I'm going to starve or anything. I mean I can always lean on the credit card a little heavy if I have to, but I'm trying not to go that route this time. Something tells me that I'll need that available in the coming months to stimulate the bike and auto repair industries. I've been watching my money like the date scene from half baked where Dave Chappell takes the leading female actress out and there's a running tally at the bottom of the screen of how much money he has remaining.

I hope to have that $5 to take to the hash tomorrow night for sign in and that'll be the last of my $20. But I mean, I've seen how I usually spend so this is HUUUUUGE for me! Instead of going to the bar, I've gone to the gym. Instead of drinking all night, I've been cleaning house and watching some movies or geeking out with my Final Fantasy games. The first hurdle… lunch today. Going with the ex and I owe her for last time. Well, here comes the credit card! Damn. Other then this glitch, I think I can totally make it. Dinner out tonight is a treat from friends for work we all did together. I have plenty of money on my Metro card to get around this week/weekend. The next expense is the BYB, but for $25 (Savings Account) to a good cause it's totally worth it! Just gotta wear comfy shoes for the walk to/from the metro to cut down on cab fees.


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