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Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day out there to all you mom's. As a decent son, I spent the day with my mom yesterday hanging out. It was nice, but then again we get along pretty well. We got lost off the coast of MD in the bay for the better part of the day. She got to take her puppy to one of the biggest doggie beaches I have ever seen in my life! Granted, I haven't seen many but this did indeed look freakin huge. From there, we proceeded to get lost a couple times over looking for a decent bite to eat and had to settle on a quick snack at Micky D's to keep the day going for the time being and not starve! We drive through back roads of Southern MD looking for neighborhoods and houses near the water b/c it would be nice to have a spare house by the water to relax in.

A quick walk on the shore near the house we are checking out, and we are back on the road. Playing with that fancy Nav of hers takes us to Solomon's Island for a nice crab cake dinner on the water front. All in all, a great day. And most importantly, she had a blast!!


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