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Live Music?

I know I'm not generally fond of going to see live shows, but last night I made an exception. I went to see Federico Aubele at a small local Venue. Never heard of the guy? Probably not, he's not a huge name but makes some really cool music regardless. He's on the same label as Thievery Corporation (which I'm a huuuuge fan of). I heard this guy at the Outernational Tour a couple years ago and have just really enjoyed his sound ever since.

I went with my ex and a friend of hers. Now the funny thing is, when my ex and I were together we could never go to a show and have fun together. Ha!! Irony much? After the show, which was too short IMHO, she offered to give me a lift to meet up with some peeps in the city. Sure, it's only 1030ish, let's do it! We punch the destination into the Nav and head on that way. About 5 minutes into the trip, we are stuck in traffic and not 1, but 2 fire trucks pull up directly in front of the car! Not one or two cars away, I mean right in front of the car!!

Me being me, I take this as a sign… a big flashing sign with sirens that says, go home dumb a$$!! So, I listen for a change. After working a few hours, it's time to hit the hay. A short show, an autographed CD, and a cool bar. Nice night.


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