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Happy B-Day Dr. P. Haystack

Friday night, we went out for my buddies birthday. The adventure begins a little too early at around 4ish at one of my usual watering holes in Crystal City. I mean, you gotta eat before a looooong night of partying, doncha? Yeah you do! We get our chicken wings on… I <3 30 spice sauce, soooo tasty! After the snacks, we continue the libations with some shots for the Birthday boy before tabbing out and heading into the city. We catch a cab thinking we'll save time… we were wrong! Damn you 14th st. bridge!

Arriving at the theater, we have enough time to get in there and start saving seats for everyone that's coming with us but not time for much else. It's cool.. Do I really need 4 gallons of diet coke and a bucket of popcorn? Doubtful. The movie, Wolverine, was ok. I'm a marvel comics fan, so it was interesting to me. I don't recall what Stan Lee's cameo was, but I think I forgot to look. I bet he was a shop keeper in one of the Canada scenes or something random like that. Check it out on DVD or when it comes out on TBS is my suggestion to you all.

Moving on post movie, it's Rocketbar time to get the birthday boy good and drunk!! I think we all did a great job. A handful more joined us at the bar who were up for the challenge! As always, there was flirting, numbers changing hands, music, a little dancing (Hey, gotta cupid shuffle, right?), maaaaaany drinks, and everyone had a blast. I know that a few partied a bit too much b/c as they are hopping in a cab some of my other friends who had been partying a bit were all… umm, you guys should go on. Not sure we are trying to go that hard tonight! Ha!

Next stop, Archibald's. I'm a fan of this place, it's nice and dimly lit, the bar staff is pretty quick, and hey… it's a strip club, what's not to like?!?! Don't get confused as Archibald's and Fast Eddies are attached next door to each other. Archibald's is where you wanna go, don't let 'em send you up to Fast Eddies… That place tries to pretend like they are a normal restaurant by putting up some plants on the stages during the day time. Ha! No, pass. Around 2ish, everything happened at once. As I'm looking out for the birthday boy tossing him money for ladies and what not, another friend gets kicked out, and another friend just got cut off for being too drunk. Ugh. Handle your selves people!!

Tossing a handful of ones at my buddy, a bottle of water at the girl that's too drunk, I'm off to try to keep my other friend off of the bouncers. Ugh. Are you surprised? Look at the title of this blog! Ha! Long story short, no one went to jail. The birthday boy parked it in front of a stage till they closed for the evening with stacks of ones and good friends around him while I tossed the drunk girl in a cab with yet another bottle of water. Not a bad way to spend a birthday. Only thing we missed… late night munchies!!

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At Mon May 04, 07:23:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

Hmmmmm, I was all bummed I couldn't make it, until I saw there were no late night snacks. How can you have a late night of drinking without late night snacks?!?


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