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Damn the Man

This past week I've actually had to earn my pay check. WTF? Work at work? That's crazy talk! Finishing up my software release and getting ready for a training session leaves very little time for idle chatting or blogging. I bet my reader has somewhere around 20,000+ posts for me to flip through by now. Speaking of which, what the hell happened to texts from last night? Why did you kill your RSS feed?!? I gotta have it on the go via google reader, can't keep checking your site! Get with it!

In all this busy week, you'll never guess what's gone to the way side... Working out! Ugh. (Well, maybe you did guess) Next week I will do better, there's just no excuse. I got my weight down a little, but then relapsed. I gotta hold strong to saying no to the junk food and yes to hitting the gym! Life always seems to get in the way! Speaking of junk food... I have a few happy hours coming up this evening which I'm sure will be a great time to reunite with old friends and possibly even make new ones!


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